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When did AML ACT approve in Islamic Republic of Iran?
This Law comprising 12 Sections and 7 notes was enacted at open session of the Parliament (Islamic Consultative Assembly) on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2008 and was approved by the Council of Guardians on Feb. 6, 2008. Moreover, Executive By-Law of AML Act comprising 8 Chapters and 48 articles was approved in 2009.
What is the type of IRIFIU
Financial Intelligence Unit of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRIFIU) is a national, central and independent unit that has the responsibility to receive, analyze and disseminate the reports about suspicious transactions to the competent authorities. It is an administrative-type of FIU and has established in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
 What are the most important measures of IRIFIU?
A.    The most important measures at domestic levels are:
1.                  Enactment of AML Act (2008), approval of the Executive Bylaw of the AML Act (2009), approval of Directives on AML and CFT in designated entities, and initial enactment of the CFT Bill.
2.               Holding a number of workshops, conferences, seminars and meetings in the field AML/CFT.
3.               Training more than 450 related experts on the subject of AML/CFT.
B.     The most important measures at international levels are:
            1. IRIFIU has signed five bilateral MOUs for exchanging information with Armenia (May 2010), Brazil (January 2011), Slovenia (June 2011), Ecuador (Aug 2011), Tajikistan (May 2012) FIUs. Furthermore, IRIFIU also negotiated and sent its proposed MOUs to some other countries.
            2. IRIFIU has established a computer based training center on the subject of Anti Money Laundering (AML/CBT) and about 40 experts from regional countries participated in  this training course and have been awarded signed and sealed IRIFIU/UNODC certificates since 2012.
      3. Ratification of Conventions:

Under Section 9 of Civil Code, conventions while approving by the I. R. Iran Parliament becomes part of our legal system and all can refer to it as a domestic law.

·         Ratification of UNCAC (Merida Convention)
·         Ratification of the Islamic Conference Organization Convention with Purpose of Combating International Terrorism in 2001.
·         Moreover, United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and the Protocols Thereto (UNTOC)has recently ratified by government on 3 Nov 2013 and submitted to the parliament for final ratification.