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I.R. of Iran Financial Intelligence Unit (IRIFIU)

 "FIU is a national center for receipt and analysis of suspicious transaction reports (STRs) and other information relevant to money laundering, associated predicate offences and terrorist financing; and for the dissemination of the results of that analysis to competent authorities."[1]

I.R. of Iran Financial Intelligence Unit (IRIFIU) has the responsibilities stipulated in article 38 Executive By-Law of AML Law as follows:

  Article38: FIU shall be set up in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance to take following measures:
1. To collect and obtain information on suspicious transactions;
2. To evaluate, scrutinize and analyze the information contained in the reports and about suspicious transactions;
3. To enter and classify the information in mechanized systems;
4. To notify information of persons involved in money laundering and/or terrorist financing to designated persons to take more precaution and/or terminate providing services, if requested by competent authorities;
5. To supply analyzed information needed by judicial authorities, executive officers and institutions responsible for combating terrorism in the country, if requested by competent authorities;
6. To prepare necessary statistics of measures taken against money laundering;
7. To provide for necessary software and information systems;
8. To safeguard the collected information;
9. To exchange information with international organizations and institutions within the framework of [relevant] laws and regulations;
10. To study and gather international experiences;
11. To submit reports with a high probability of accuracy or when significant probability to the judiciary;
12. To follow up the sent reports with judicial authorities;
13. To prepare annual plan of FIU for the Council's approval;
14. To reply to the inquiries made by designated persons as promptly as possible;
15. To give its assessment of professional qualification of head of anti money laundering units proposed by directors of designated persons.
[1] Methodology for Assessing Technical Compliance With the FATF Recommendations and the Effectiveness of AML/CFT Systems, February2013.