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Mid-term Evaluation of Sub-Programme 3 Crime, Justice, and Corruption

Mid-term Evaluation of Sub-Programme 3 Crime, Justice, and Corruption

IRIFIU hosted the first meeting on UNODC “Mid-term Evaluation of Sub-Programme 3” on 14 May 2013 with participation of Dr. Paul lijnst Janssen (Lead Evaluator), Dr. Ali Ashraf Mojtahed Shabestari (National Evaluator), Ms. Madeeha Hazoor Rajwa (Independent Evaluation Unit), and Mr. Ahmadabadi (Head of IRIFIU). Sub-programme 3 aims to enhance national capacities to tackle transnational organized crime, Money Laundering and Corruption.
At the beginning of this meeting Mr. Ahmadabadi described a brief history of IRIFIU and its achievements. He declared, since the time of inauguration in 2010 of active work on establishment of modern system for combating money laundering in Iran, IRIFIU, in conjunction with other national authorities have been taking active steps towards implementation of international standards in this area in Islamic Republic of Iran. He stated that IRIFIU equipped with a CBT training which is in compliance with international standards, and “we are happy to have been establishing such a training tool with the assistance of UNODC with the purpose to improve tackling money laundering and terrorism financing”. He also emphasized the importance of regional cooperation in the area of AML/CFT and continued that “I am confident that cooperation between IRIFIU and other FIUs through signing MOUs will be become a direction for contacts between and strengthening of economic security of countries”. He also mentioned the continuous endeavor of IRIFIU to join to the international organizations.
During this meeting the head of IRIFIU answered the questions of evaluation team and explained UNODC contributions to hold a number of technical workshops, seminars and conferences, and also its help to hold FIU to FIU meetings. Moreover, Mr. Ahmadabadi expressed his gratitude for ongoing support from UNODC in establishment of Islamic Republic of Iran Financial Intelligence Unit, its CBT center, and for highly professional and timely sponsorship in the admission of IRIFIU to the international organization. Finally, the evaluation team agreed that IRIFIU activities were very effective and cooperation of UNODC with this center was positive.