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The Meeting of International Experts at Workshop with the Financial Intelligence Unit on 30Nov. 2011

Following the Workshop on the "Executive Measures to Combat Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism" and in order to conclude that workshop, a meeting was held which was attended by international experts, representatives of the UNODC, and the experts of the financial intelligence unit at FIU on 30.Nov.2011

The meeting centered on the assessment and evaluation of the afore-mentioned workshop and the next steps of cooperation with the Thailand’s FIU and the Italy’s FIU. The representative of the UNODC reported on the strengths and weaknesses of the workshop. The agenda was in fact a study of how to use the self-assessment system to combat money laundering and how to use international experience and exchange information with international experts. In this regard, a joint meeting was set to be held at the beginning of the next year with international experts and evaluators to recognize and evaluate the anti money laundering system in Iran ahead of a formal assessment by the IMF. Also, in order to exchange information between participating countries, it was decided that competent authorities of Thailand and Italy, provide the Iranian relevant bodies their experiences in the field of combating money laundering.

Then a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that already was prepared between Iran’s FIU and Thailand’s FIU was negotiated and amended so that it will be signed by the relevant authorities at the beginning of the next year meeting.

Due to the importance of real estate registration in combating money laundering, a meeting was attended by Deputy of Documents Affairs in National Organization for Notarization of Deeds and Properties and the head of the notaries association. In this session, infrastructures and executive measures in this Organization in the field of combating money laundering were explained. Italian experiences in this regard were presented; and also, in a separate meeting, it was agreed that technical assistance for the promotion and improvement of the capacity of combating money laundering to be provided to the said Organization.