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Workshop on Executive Measures on Anti- Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing 28 and 29NOV, 2011

Workshop on "Executive Measures on Anti- Money Laundering and Combating Terrorism Financing" was held on 28 and 29 of NOV,2011, in cooperation with the FIU and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), based on the parties' joint program, participated by 130 AML executive officers and experts of all banks, financial and credit institutions, Central Insurance and insurance companies, securities and Exchange Organization, Custom, Taxation Affairs Organization and the Real Estate registration of the country, and representatives and experts of Thailand, Italy, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC).
At the opening ceremony, Mr. Abolhasani, the secretary of High Council on Anti- Money Laundering, explained the Anti-Money Laundering system of the Islamic republic of Iran, the purpose of the workshop, and international cooperation in this area. Then the head of FIU, Mr. Ahmadabadi, and the UNODC representative in Iran, Mr. Danilo Rizzi, gave an overview of the workshop.

Following that, Mr. Ahmadabadi explained the Iranian legal, organizational and administrative structure for Combating money laundering and terrorism financing. He also clarified on the strategy of Islamic republic of Iran in this field, in the form of a adopted roadmap and action plan.

Then Mr. Weekon the General Director of financial intelligence unit in the anti money laundering organization of Thailand provided a description of the domestic rules for reporting to the banks and entities in that country. He also provided examples of money laundering operations in the country's banking system, and reported some cases of gathering and preliminary analysis of suspicious financial transactions reports by the law enforcement.

In the afternoon, "Dr. Paolo Pasqualis ", the director and member of the Italian notary public office, while explaining the rules and regulations related to combating money laundering in his country, dealt with and clarified the role of the Notaries in combating money laundering . Then, he described the practical and operational cases of the estate market and provided a description with regard to the process of reporting those cases to the Italian FIU.

On the second day of the workshop, Mr. Peliteri and Mr. Persona, the representatives of Italian G.di.F" expressed the country’s rules and regulations applying on the banks and reporting agencies, and also described the role of, broker-dealer, in cash exchanges, in jewelry, and precious objects, and provided practical examples in that regard.

In the second day’s afternoon session, international experts distributed ten practical examples among the participants and asked for the comments of the attendant experts and managers on the topics mentioned there. The session was divided into separate groups in an operational and performance form, therefore, all participants had enough time to discuss about the issues that were presented, and express their comments on the examples. In the end, the international experts described the cases in detail.

It should be mentioned that, at the end of the two-day workshop being held at the Iranian organization of community in foreign ministry, course certificates were awarded to participants.