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The First Regional Training on Anti-Money Laundering, Iran- 12to15 Feb, 2012

The Regional Computer Based Training on "Anti-Money Laundering" was jointly organized by the Financial Intelligence Unit in the Islamic Republic of Iran and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (Iran UNODC) from 12 to 15 February in Tehran.
This training was part of the Anti-Money Laundering regional initiatives envisaged by the Regional Program for Afghanistan and Neighboring countries launched by the eight member states (Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Afghanistan) on 7 December 2011 at UNODC Headquarters in Vienna.
The training was based on a UNODC's Computer based Software in English established at the Training Unit of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is important to mention that, it was the first time such regional training was taking place and it was in Iran.
The Regional training aimed at bringing together for the first time representatives of the Financial Intelligence Units of the region at operational level, to learn international standard and practices in preventing and investigating money laundering cases, to improve regional knowledge and awareness on the work of FIUs, and to provide recommendations on the organization and conduction of other trainings in the region.
The inauguration meeting of the Regional Training was held on 12 February at Iran's FIU with the participation of Iran's Head of FIU "Mr. Ahmadabadi", UNODC AML Advisor to the Regional Program for Afghanistan and the Neighboring Countries "Mr. Danilo Rizzi", and the representatives of four neighboring countries.
In the closing session, on 15 February, the representatives of the neighboring countries, who have passed the AML/CBT successfully, were awarded with AML/CBT certificates.