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Holding a Coordination Meeting between IRIFIU and AML Committee of Audit Organization

A coordination meeting between IRIFIU and Audit Organization was held on 6 January, 2015 at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Financewith the aim of improving the process of implementing the AML programs. The meeting was attended by IRIFIU Director General as well as, heads and members of Audit Organization AML committee. During this meeting Mr. Ahmadabadi, Director General of IRIFIU, expressed intended programs of IRIFIU and stated that IRIFIU’s first prioritiesare training and establishment of required systems.
In this meeting, the senior managers of Audit Organization presented a summary of measures taken by this organization in the field of implementing AML Act and related regulations.
Finally, it was decided that sending suspicious transactions reports (STRs) should implement on schedule in compliance with the announced indicators and the tasks identified in the directives for Audit Organization.