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A Joint Meeting between IRIFIU, CBI and Heads of Anti-money Laundering Office in Banks and Credit Institutions

Financial Intelligence Unit (IRIFIU) and Central Bank of I.R. Iran (CBI) held a meeting with the heads of Anti-money Laundering office of banks and credit institutions in the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance on 27 April 2015.
Director General of IRIFIU, Mr. Ahmadabadi, make a speech on the status and activities of banks and credit institutions in the field of AML in 2014-2015, measures have been done at both national and international levels, objectives and the future plan by the end of 2015.
Following the sessions, Mr. Arjmandnejad indicated the importance of the last circular on amendment of procedures, infrastructure and AML Software in the banks and Credit institutions.
This meeting was a place where all the participants took this opportunity to express their views and exchanges their opinions about AML/CFT matters and to share some case studies related to money laundering.
At the end of this venue the participants raised their questions, express their viewpoints and were received appropriate responses.