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Representatives of IRIFIU Participated in a Regional Workshop on “Supporting Successful Prosecution and other Disruptions by Building, Enhancing and Networking Financial Investigation Capacity in National Law Enforcement Agencies”

Representative of Islamic Republic of Iran Financial Intelligence Unit (IRIFIU) participated in a three-day workshop in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on 13-15 May 2015. This event was organized by the Office of the Co-ordinator of OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, the UNODC, the EAG and the OSCE Project Co-ordinator in Uzbekistan.
Developing financial investigation capabilities and improving co-operation among national law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) for detecting and disrupting criminal networks were key topics of this three-day workshop.
The venue gathered over 40 representatives of Financial Intelligence Units, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors from Iran, Pakistan and Central Asian countries and provided a platform for expert to express their views and exchange their opinions about operational issues in financial investigation through international cooperation, capacity building, successful prosecutions, parallel investigation, MOU and agreements to enhance the effectiveness of international cooperation.