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On-the-job Workshop on “Anti-money Laundering

The Workshop was held in Tehran on 24 May 2011 with the participation of Iranian officials from different governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies. Mr. Steven Bowen, SOCA Financial Liaison Officer and AML/CFT expert, was the main panelist of the workshop sharing his professional and SOCA’s experience in tackling ML/TF at national and international level.

28 Iranian officials from different governmental and financial institutions participated to the Workshop.

During the activity the following issues were debated:

a. The British and Iranian experience, legal and institutional framework, practices re ML/TF;

b. Cash movements/transactions across borders;

c. Hawala system in the Middle East and in the UK;

d. Reports of SFT, analysis and investigation;

e. Domestic coordination amongst different concerned bodies and the Judicial process in both countries;

f. International cooperation between law enforcement and FIUs - exchange of operational information, mechanisms and modalities;

g. Case study;

h. Session of question and answers with the participants.